Day 1 // Welcome to Information Literacy

Jul 27, 2021

Goals for Today

Today we're starting out by discussing some basic questions:

  • What is information literacy (IL)?
  • How does it connect with the work that I do, and with the people that I serve?
  • How can I create better information-related practices for my work?

Remember to take time for your reflection journal as well as attending a keynote presentation, workshop, or other Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) offering from outside the IL Course.

Today's Sync Meeting

(optional; 2:00 Mountain/Denver time):

Lesson: Definitions & Readings to Guide Definitions

If you're brand-new to the idea of IL, here's a quick definition that I (Karen) like. Information literacy happens when people:

  • Identify an information need.
  • Seek out sources that help to meet that need, and consider why they're choosing certain sources.
  • Choose information from those sources and integrate it into their work or thought processes.

People use IL in many scenarios. For example, when they're researching a school project, when they're finding information on a medical condition they've been diagnosed with, when they're researching the culture of a country they want to visit, or when they're checking the facts behind a news story. IL connects closely with other types of thought and analysis--for example, critical thinking. You'll notice that my colleagues bring in many other definitions and aspects of IL throughout their presentations. That just shows the richness of this subject.

We have selected three readings to support you explore how various people define and practice information literacy. If you are new to the conversation, take your time exploring. If you have been working with information literacy for years, consider how these sources relate to how you conceptualize information literacy.

Async Activity: Write a Definition

After you’ve read/skimmed/looked at the documents linked above, how would you explain what information literacy is? Imagine someone in your everyday life asked you--information literacy, what is that? How would you answer?

Lesson: Setting Information Goals

Async Activity: Write an Information Goal

After working through the presentation of Setting Information Goals, think of at least two goals for improving information-related practice in your work.

Sync Meeting and/or Discussion Post in Yellowdig

Sync Meeting or Discussion Board

We will discuss these questions at today's synchronous meeting (2:00 Denver time; see the time zone converter). You may also share thoughts on our discussion board. Please feel free to attend the meeting, use the discussion board or both – whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Join the day's Sync Meeting (2:00 Mountain/Denver time):

Introduce yourself in YellowDig.

Share your thoughts on Monday's YellowDig Question.

During our first discussion, we will do introductions and talk about what IL looks like in our workplaces.


Let's introduce ourselves as professionals and as people. Here are a few things you might want to include in your intro:

  • Your name
  • Where you work
  • What you hope to get out of this week
  • Strengths that you would be willing to use to support your coursemates
  • Ways that you might need your coursemates to support you
  • A few interesting things that you enjoy

Please feel free to post your introductions on the introductions post in YellowDig.  We will meet and share some of this information.

Discussion Questions for Monday

These are a few questions we are going to use to start a discussion on yellowdig or in our synchronous meeting

  • Do the various definitions of what information literacy is match your expectations? How would you or how do you explain what IL is?
  • What are some of the ways that IL manifests in your workplace? What are some of the information-related needs that you help people meet?
  • What are your hopes for this week?

Monday’s Reflection Journal Questions

  • What surprised you today? What questions do you have?
  • Thinking about what you know about IL, what role has IL played in your life? What were your early experiences with research or using information like?
  • Were there things that no one explained to you that you just figured out? Or did you have someone who really took the time to explain how to do research or use information?
  • What are a few things that you’d like to ask or share with your coursemates?
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