Day 3 // Making Connections Between DPL Conversations and IL

Jul 27, 2021

Today we encourage you to take time to explore other workshops at Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL). Meet participants in other courses. If you haven't had time to watch the keynotes, catch up on their recordings. Be ready to share connections between our discussions this week and other ideas that you've explored today.

Today's Sync Meeting (optional; 2:00 Mountain/Denver time):

Goals for Today

  • Check in with each other now that we are in the middle of our week together.
  • Explore perspectives from outside the field of IL. Connect them with the thoughts and skills that we’ve been developing throughout the week.

Mid-week check-in

Can you believe it's the middle of the week? We can't, either. At the end of Wednesday, please take our quick survey to tell us how the week is going. It's anonymous, so if you'd like to talk with us, send one of us an email, too.

Link: Quick mid-week check-in survey

Go Out and Explore!

DPL's Fellows have created materials and presentations that share their expertise. The Keynote Speakers have recorded their presentations. Take time today to go out and explore the perspectives that they share. Make a goal of experiencing two or more of their presentations or materials.

After you’ve spent time exploring and enjoying those sessions, please spend some time thinking and reflecting on how these connect with IL. What do they contribute to information-related practices? What messages would you like to take from these sessions to share with your coursemates?

Link: Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021 schedule

Sync Meeting or Discussion in YellowDig

We will discuss these questions at today's synchronous meeting (2:00 Denver time; see the time zone converter). You may also share thoughts on our discussion board. Please feel free to attend the meeting, use the discussion board or both – whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Join the day's Sync Meeting (optional; 2:00 Mountain/Denver time):

Share thoughts on Wednesday Question in YellowDig

  • What sessions did you attend (from outside the IL course)? What are some major messages from the sessions that you’d like to share with your coursemates?
  • How do the messages and ideas from other sessions enrich your information practice, or your understanding of IL?

Reflection Journal Questions

Please take a little time to think & write about these questions in the reflection journal you're keeping for the week.

  • What are a few ideas from the Fellows or the Keynote Speakers that you’d like to integrate into your work?
  • What are some ideas from the Fellows or Keynote speakers that you’d like to think about or further explore later? (These big ideas can take more time to unfold in our minds!)
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