Day 5 // Wrapping Up & Staying Connected

Jul 27, 2021

Hello, everyone--

Thank you so much for being a part of this year's Information Literacy Course. We hope that you have made some new connections with other professionals. We also hope that you have generated some new ideas & exciting questions.

We'll gather one more time today to share reflections on the week, as well as remaining questions that we have.

Many past DPL participants still talk about the strong friendships and professional connections that they made at DPL. Today, please consider reaching out to your coursemates through YellowDig & sharing contact information. You may also want to arrange other ways to keep in touch, such as creating a WhatsApp group.

Please keep in touch with us, too! Let us know how you're doing, what questions you have as you continue to grow, and how DPL has helped to shape your ideas.

Your colleagues,

Karen & Kodi

Sync Meeting or Discussion Board

Join the day's Sync Meeting (optional; 2:00 Mountain/Denver time):

Share thoughts on the Friday question in YellowDig.

  • We would like you to look at your notes for this week including the answers to the previous three day’s reflection questions, and write a very short (barely) 1 page reflection on what you learned this week. There are no specific questions to answer or required demonstration of your knowledge. This is space for you to reflect and think about what is important to you. That could mean listing your main takeaways from the week. Or perhaps spending time considering what you value as an educator. For those of you who choose to gather on Friday, we will share our one-page reflections with each other. Please feel free to come to the meeting and share, to post your reflection on YellowDig, or both.
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